Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The music of the Paradise islands

The music of the Paradise Islands, of Tahiti, Hawai etc., has it's own typical sense of harmony: the mellow harmony has a somewhat nasty taste at it's side and that is an important part of the wisdom of their music, since it teaches ideally beautiful social relationships:
When you do things like feels best for you, I feel that it goes somewhat wrong since I would choose a different style, a different emphazis on values and ways of doing, I am a different person so that is natural. And when I do what is in my opinion the best possible course in the whole world, others say "Iik! Why you do like that?!" So in a perfect harmony we let others be what they are with their own wisdom of life, that is why the peculiar harmony of the songs of the Paradise Islands is an important teacher of social wisdom. Please try this out: the results are amazingly good! (And I am in northern Europe.)

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