Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Find religion from your heart

Stopping to watch a nature scenery you feel emotional beauty of such fractureless way of living and a sense of respect for such health. That respect is like a prayer: you can quietly say in your mind "please, let things be so well in the world!" and lift your wish somewhere high in the air for respect. So you have made a choise of values: a prayer unified with your whole way of living, a prayer that you respect in practise with your own way of living in your daily life as far as you can choose yourself.

Come to think of it, the wonder os existing, of sensing, of doing practical things in the world, of having social encounters especially with animals, it is something beyond our schooled ways of thinking, we cannot build such, we are a living miracle, so finely structured that our schooled thoughts fail to grasp it at all and we can just feel the contact with life with its' multitude of shades of natural observations of what life is like, how we and the world function. Miracle.

If you get pushed around by others, maybe you do not notice it. But when you decide to be healthily selfish, you get room for your own emotions and fpr your own ideals, so you clear the air and the demanding o9f health in it makes sure that you do not go too far or too little but to just the right extend in each sense, however impossibly far that may be. Then your social tangles untie, you see your own aspirations reflected in varying sizes in the deeds of others. You were alone with enemies, now are you like in company of animals: varied personalities together, varied lives, the everyday life shiny with interesting things to do, lives reflecting the differently but with much same like people who walk side by side are different but still going much the same way.

Do not follow rigid religious guidelines, instead make a healthy version of them and follow that, that one you will find in your own heart if you use just your highest wisdom in thinking and feeling what is healthy and what is not.

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