Friday, October 28, 2011

Get rid of nasty clutter

It is the nastiest things which take away all your energy, inspiration and enthusiasm. So it makes sense to buy a paper destroyer (it isn't so expensive) and take a look at the nastiest papers that you keep stored someplace and just destroy them at once with the paper destroyer: old medicine receipts, official letters saying that you are not fit to work, nasty old school and work papers, letters from friends turned to enemies, all the things others force you to against your better understanding and your own wishes in life,... Once you have gotten rid of the nastiest things, everything else becomes lighter.
Cultivate the areas of life that you wish most dearly to have. At first those can be just distant dream, some superfine things you have always sincerely admired. You can remind yourself of them by having something belonging to that subject: a picture on a wall, a guidebook, some equipment that you wish to learn to use, some brochure of a society cultivating those things, or of a course years gone but so nice,... Then just learn to swim with those things: gain some more experience, make a habit of associating with then with an open mind and willingness to learn new things.
Like you can change your weight from one foot to another, you can change the emphazis of the different areas of life in your daily life, from those things that you do not so much like to those things which you most dearly love. Make space in your room for the things that you love: first a picture on a wall, then a shelf, some corner, some part of a room, your own room totally and your whole life! Avoid taking any needed not-so-nice things to the same space as your liked goal-like things, and try to get rid of the nasty and burden like things as much as you can - that too is a skill and a matter of arranging your life, so you can learn to be better at that as the time passes. When you move to a new home,bring your biggest dreams there first and let them dominate and determine how you arrange your home: the effect is refreshing as if immediately starting to live your sdreams!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Rise above the circumstancies

It is typical that when one has work it takes one's energy so that one gets stuck to a daily routine without much freedom of changing it. Then the routines take one's forces and if something unexpected comes one's way there is no way to avoid a collision with it or to soften the collision with wisdom and freedom of movement.
But if you do not just go to work but keep a routine of exercising yourself in varied ways, you can choose in which way you meet the obstacles on your way and so life becomes easier. You need something like your job's strain, just a little bit but it is needed to make you flexible on that area of life. And you need hobbies with lots of variation and new kinds of fun challenges to make you flexible and ready to meet what life brings to you on all areas of life.
It is like a person stiff from too much sitting compared to a person who has taken the time to stretch and exercise a little bit in varied ways so as to be able to meet physical challenges well.