Sunday, July 6, 2014

Do not describe yourself detailedly

The things that you do should TASTE LIKE LIFE, not like written text. So do not describe your self too detailedly. What is your work, do you like it and one or two or so (if you know people better) major hobbies and something about what those hobbies are like, a thing or two about your daily life and that's it! The rest gets classied as your personality. For example unmentioned skills create charm which makes social relationships work better.
Goodwill and good moral leave room for freedom. Wisdom of life is important but it is more like a characteriustic of deciding about things than a wordly description of your life.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Choose among many possibilities

The very best sounding choices are often somehow sabotaged and many are made to fit for all and especially the negative people with lots of money. What is best for an ordinary person, are often ordinary choices. It is also things valued that have some sound of work, so that when you have them in your life, you tend to pick the best things in them and if they do not work out you drop them away for that day. Being picky and opportunistic makes you choose the best parts but that demands that you have something to choose from, which should be healthy parts of the daily life and not just somethings sold extra which often deteriorates to a good meal, which is good for the hungry but not the key to happy life.
Of course some things are really good and have the reputation of being such, like religion, the beauty of nature, sports, music and arts at large and a little piece of life in the country side with it's practical chores.But for many of these too it matters to not to place your happiness on one card only but to have many friends and like-minded people, many kindsof things to do for a short while and many interesting things in life, many sources of happiness.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Find your own mixture of nice things to do

Happiness seems to demand at least a little bit of many fullfilling things and many kinds of exercise in life but mostly does not bear overly much of them. So 15 minutes of something each week is often much better than nothing at all, if it is a thing that brings more happiness to just you or some incredient of the healthy natural ages old ways of living, but anything more must be decided according to what feels good for you. You have to find a way of living that is right for just you.
If you try somebody else's clothes or some opinion of theirs, it is most likely that it suits just their character but not yours. Similarly with things to do it is best to stick to your own likings and to those things that are healthy and suited to most people.
What you need varies from one day to another and from one moment to another. So do not make rigid rules of something that was once a good choise. Instead allow variation.