Saturday, May 30, 2015


Sometimes when you have a moment or two extra time and you spend it wandering and looking around, those moments feel like a richer time, rich with experience, multiple sensations and feelings. That is like meditation i.e. a way to happiness and skill. Those richer moments have something to do with it being just a few moments and not some long lasting labour. Something to do with it being like a twinding path from one experience to another, then to next ones and so on. A way to happier life if you can find it.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

How to stop a child from crying - and finding comfort also as an adult

I was in a shop and saw a woman with a crying boy and tried this and it worked well, the child stopped crying.
Things bother one when one is stuck in one perspective and way of doing things but things go some other way and one would need to adapt but somehow it wdoes not work in the situation. Typically the reason for this is a too fixed way of keeping the body. One should have a more sporty attitude, ready to walk, run, change posture and ways of moving, react, be fascinated about the sensations in moving like those who are talented in sports are, kind of finding a new world that can be found in walking toward things and experiences, touching with hands, feeling, seeing the marvel in things, being free to let go and be fascinated with the next temptation: colours, lights, movement, things and people with their ways of living etc. Avoiding rigid rules in this, just doing it for fun, for comfort and letting go if one is not motivated for it anymore, and trying it again some other time and/or some other place.