Sunday, November 17, 2013

Solve life's problems solution centeredly

Each way of looking at things is like building from certain kinds of building blocks: certain things you can so build but others not. Similarly in solving life's problems you need a better perspective, a better way of looking at things and better values and way of living to succeed in problem solving. Using the ways which brought the problems just gets you jammed in the same trouble - until you change your approach profoundly.
Women's cultural ways and values, poetry and music, religions and healthy ways of living on all areas of life bring a better understanding and solve many of otherwise unsolvable big problems in life.
If you take a not-so-wise perspectiva too seriously , you drown to it with it's shortcomings and probems. School is not a wise perspectiva but some elementary things that kids need to learn to begin with, with age one should aim higher! If yo wanna solve problems, you should take life lighter and invest enermously in wise perspectives, wisdom of life and glimpses of better life.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Some observations about who is happy

Those whose lives lack music are not happy, professional musicians and music students are not happy either, and those who study music as a hobby in school like ways are not happy. But those who have the freedom to have a music hobby just as they like, are happy: listening to radio, and CDs, singing, playing in a band, learning to compose, having fun and a fullfilling time, finding expression for emotions and room for them in life, using the perspective of wisdom of life in living ióne's life, not exactly just music but something for which music finds room and an expression, trusting emotions and travelling one's own roads in life.
Dream job, something that one likes doing and values in the world, makes one happier.
Birds are not so happy, cat owners are not happy, dog owners who practise agility or spend time in garden or go to summer cottage are happy, horse hobby makes happier. Bees are happy.
Ones who can enjoy greenery are happy. Ones who make an obligation or rigid rule about it are not. But of course one can have a dream job with animals, the nature or agriculture. Ones who do not admire the nature,pets and natural things are not happy.
Ones who do not practise sports are not happy. Ones who practise sports in rigid robot like ways or without fun are not happy. One who practise varied enjoyable sports are very happy: see the advice on moving near the beginning of this blog.
Ones who cunn in sociual relationships are not happy. Ones who make obligations out of friendship and love are not happy. Malicious persons are not happy(?). The rule "Live and let others live!" make social tangles open and social life friendly and rewarding, see for learning it.
Rigid habits make one tired and miserable, while extra exercise adn unusual thing to do every now and then make one strong and agile and so much happier.
Ones who are food-centered in their lives, either because they are thin and hungry or fat and without other content in their lives, are not happy. Ones who eat according to their wishes but are not food-centered are happy.
Ones who keep their body rigidly and artificially are not happy. Ones with relaxed reactive atmospheric emotional way of keeping the body are happy.
In cool or cold weather active and sporty eyes open leisurely enjoying beauty are happy while flegmatic and too plannedly moving are not.
In conversations those who get to talk about things close to their heart in a way that touches the way they experience them, feel happy and with connection to like-minded others, while thoe who get lost in an attempt to communicate their perspective without getting anywhere near it at all. feel frustrated and down.
People who concentrate on thinking while doing practical things are not happy. People who drown in the level of experience while doing positively emotionally motivated practical things are happy.
One who can live according to one's full understanding, also philosophical and emotional wisdom of life, is happy. One who is forced to live according to much more stupid views than one's full understanding and wisdom of life, isn't happy.

So happiness demands many things as part-time activities in daily life, but does not bear them as full-time endeavours, unless they are your very favourites and maybe not even then. How much of each and of which types exactly, varies greatly from one person to another, and should be decided by the individual himself/herself, according to what feels good and makes life better.
If you have a hobby and in addition lots of lazy time, that is pretty much the same as doing the same thing full time, since you need variation, rest, new approaches, variations in rythm, attitude, company, things to do, and new stimuli. Many things that are something on top of your everyday life, do not work alone without some such everyday basic level of work, hobbies, places to go, meeting different kinds of people etc.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Different people like different things

Some likings are a question of having enough skill, like enjoying sports, but skill may take years to achieve if at all. And in any case many likings are so intertwined with one's character and whole way of life and the level of skill in each thing, that in practise different people just like different things. Take care to notice what you yourself like and find happiness from just those3 kinds of things and not from the things that others enjoy but you cannot enjoy. If you are a sovinist or a feminist, there is a huge difference in what kind of life and values you like. Also many other things matter: sporty or liking a slow rhtyhm and peace, emotionally warm or intellectually interesting, etc.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Find enjoyable ways of doing

Different ways of living produce a widely different kind of life.
Find enjoyable things to do, enjoyable ways at looking at things, enjoyable ways of doing things and enjoyable ways of living!
A good enjoyable way of doing typically has the senses open enjoying beauty and variation, a rich atmoshpere and a feeling heart guiding and enjoying the things done.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Practise arts yourself

Arts give room to your personal wisdom of life, to your feelings, emotional wisdom and sensitivity with which to understand more about life.

Read books about wisdom of life

Wisdom of life, and consequently happiness, is something that one can learn from others. There are lots of great books about wisdom of life. There are for example quotations of wise words about love, sorrow, etc. and about famous authors (I have liked quotations of Kahlil Gibran). There are words of wisdom about healing, personal growth, human relationships and religions. New Age books are worth taking a look at. Also poetry teaches wisdom of life. Wisdom of life is a perspective that you can get used to and learn about as the time passes and you dedicate time and interest to it. The best books about personal growth, wisdom of life, etc. are very wise indeed.