Sunday, November 17, 2013

Solve life's problems solution centeredly

Each way of looking at things is like building from certain kinds of building blocks: certain things you can so build but others not. Similarly in solving life's problems you need a better perspective, a better way of looking at things and better values and way of living to succeed in problem solving. Using the ways which brought the problems just gets you jammed in the same trouble - until you change your approach profoundly.
Women's cultural ways and values, poetry and music, religions and healthy ways of living on all areas of life bring a better understanding and solve many of otherwise unsolvable big problems in life.
If you take a not-so-wise perspectiva too seriously , you drown to it with it's shortcomings and probems. School is not a wise perspectiva but some elementary things that kids need to learn to begin with, with age one should aim higher! If yo wanna solve problems, you should take life lighter and invest enermously in wise perspectives, wisdom of life and glimpses of better life.

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