Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Life according to the Human Nature

Life fully according to the human nature on all areas of life ought to bring happiness:
* sports in enjoable varied ways - not like a robot but enjoyably, motivatedly in ever varying ways like our forefathers who lived in the wild nature
* admiring the wild nature - at least half an hour each week year around, but the more the better! No upper limit...
* religiously beautiful moral followed in practise - try to agree to the thought "I love Life (with big L), happiness and things positive for happy life. So I take them as my values in the world at large!" and never neglect it badly, and that's it!
* compare things to the looks of the wild nature and the ways of doing of animals and not to the looks of books and the build environment
* healthy kind of social life - look at a tree while you ponder about social things!
* follow your full understanding, your highest wisdom and highest ideals in your life.
* value the wisdom of feelings

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