Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Enjoy moving

PLEASE TRY THIS!!:Do not make plans about how to move butdecide each second and each fraction of a second anew what right now feels like the best idea about where to move, how to move, in which style, in which attitude, in which mood, with how much eager interest and quickness resulting from that or relaxed awareness or emotionally motivated force,... So you change all the time, your plans change and you learn to pick each fraction of a second just the things that you like best right then to be your goalsetting right then in practise in your movements. So you feel happy and fullfilled. Be wary of boredom and habits.

Do not make edges to yoru body. Do not guide your body by thoughts or habits. Instead move in relaxed enjoyable ways and let your body be natural. Let enjoyability be your guide to how to move. Reach for a relaxed pleasant state of mind, since it makes your body and movements enjoyable too.

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