Thursday, November 26, 2015

How to use the libraries

Going to the library can either ruin your quality of life or make it better and give more freedom. If you borrow study books or books from the same subjects that earlier interested you, you propably no longer find anything new in them, they do not open new worlds of fascinating possibilities but just show the lack of skill and scope that even these propably famous persons had. But if you do not read so many books on one subject and borrow books that open new fascinating areas of life, make them possible for you, then you gain new positive possibilities to your life by so doing.
Library is not the place to go to if you want to get stuck in the present content of life. But if you need some new area of life or some new wisdom, borrowing good quality books on those subjects and seeing what they have to ofeer instead of so mcu discussing with them in your mind, leaves them as possibilities, helps you by their skill, but does not obstruct you if you do not read them too slowly. If you lack some skill, a book about that area of life can give it to you if you somewhat keep it in your social sphere like an aquiantage.

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