Thursday, September 3, 2015

Without aches

I am not sure of this but Do people in warm or hot climates suffer from aches in cool evenings? Many foreigners in Finland suffer from cold aches which result from being too lazily, nonsportily in cool or cold so that the body gets too cool or even cold. Moving sportily like doing physical labour creates heat (much more than moving agilily or lazily) and cures the aches away. All of one's body should be healthily warm always. When one moves sportily in coo or cold, one's blood circulation cools excess heat away while physical work creates warmth, so that it is then very easy to quickly and all the time attain the best warmth for one's whole body. Keeping the body warm demands that the air just outside the body in clothes and by the face and hands gets warm too from your body heat. Fat people are hotter compared to the weather, so copying the rythm of moving from them causes cold aches and copying the rythm and energetic moving from normal weight persons without pains removes aches effectively.

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