Monday, July 9, 2018

Intelligence and stupidity

As far as I know, The Chinese think that the stupid ones are happy,since they like their work. That does not mean idiotic but stupid who want to be civilized, and it often means that the Chinese aim at slightly less intelligent role than what they could reach by diligently studying. The good point in it is that if one keeps a pause, say for example that one is at a buss station on the road somewhere, then the pause makes one open one's senses to the life around, to the richness of life. One is not in all things as skilled, and so one may reach the multitude of the phenomena in life fromslightly less intelligent viewpoint than one's usual skill level, kind of like a beginner. At the same time oneis not concentrated into achieving something like points, and so one's way of doing is wiser, much wiser. On the other hand I have myself noticed that I do better in life, find more room for myself if I am as intelligent as possible, but by that I mean music like level of skill which is largely skills in living. Then I am not all the time achieving something but more like enjoying life, living in the richness of everyday life.

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