Friday, June 12, 2015

Happiness is a skill

In my experience happiness does not come as a gift to a person but demands skill and effort in learning the talents of happy life. But the society has shared wisdom about happy life and good ways of living and that kind of comes as a gift to all, so that if you are satisfied with that amount of happiness, you get it as a gift: a good meal, free time, like-minded people from hobbies, holidays, family life, summer cottage, religion,... But if someone looks happy, they typically have some wisdom about relaxing and following feelings and are personally satisfied with something in their life that the society offers a possibility to, like a hobby or living in a certain district or having a certain kind of work with certain values well taken care of. They typically feel that they have freedom, but it may be because they wanted to choose something that is too ordinary for others. The Finnish rule "Live and let others live" gives more freedom.

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