Sunday, February 8, 2015

Keep personal space around you for the comfort of feelings

Like when you sit with a blanket around yourself or put on a woolen shirt when it is cold, you kind of emotionally reserve some space around you for yourself, for your emotions' comfort. Likewise your emotions typically need a large sphere around you and in front of you, to allow yourself to tune emotionally into the things you do and associate with, and to allow yourself personal freedom to be emotional in ways that are healthy and natural and good for you. A kind of protection space for your emotions and for your wish to also feel about the things in life. (For me that space is over a meter in my front side and maybe 30cm to the sides and my back, and half a meter up and down from me.) You do not need to keep that space empty, you just need it in your mind for your emotions, you need to dominate the emotional side of that space sociually in what comes to your own emotions only.

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