Monday, December 10, 2012

Basic skills in searching for happy life

Pick things that make you happy and things that make your life happier at large, to be your choises in your daily life.
Avoid things that ruin your happiness, even if they are your habits or recommended by others who live such a life. (People's needs differ greatly!)
One can walk through one's daily life by investing only or almost solely on things that make you happy, like someone who crosses a stream by sptepping on the stones in the river. Flowers, a candle, reading a wise thought or quotation from some book of wisdom, prayer, looking at trees and enjoying the feel of the weather, spending time in the nature, associating with animals, exercising, choosing healthy food that makes you feel good afterwards, spending time with friends, starting new nice hobbies, doing the things that you love, listening to music and singing, playing an instrument, painting, doing whatever you like,... Pick things like this to make your day better. Find wisdom to avoid the nastiest happenings. Learn across time what brings you happiness and how to grasp those things to your life.

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