Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Enjoy the senses, experience strongly

Our forefathers lived in the wild nature and got much more sensory stimuli every day than what we nowadays get. They needed all their senses to stay alive, and that is what we too are adapted to. Instead of the simple city houses we need the complexity, health and variation of the wild nature. Instead of eating too much, we should enjoy using our eyes all the time, to enjoy the emotional beauty of colours and structures, of understanding roles and uses, a meaningful contact with the concretical practical action. Sensations tell us wisdom of life about ways of doing, emotional meaningfulness of goalsettings and emotional observations of side effects of routes chosen, states of mind reflecting situations on a personal level, etc By taking them properly into account we can improve the quality of life. Sports make philosophy of life easier via increased physical variation that via the ties with gesture language makes it easier to change ones viewpoints and one's ways. Read John Steinbeck's books.

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